Having an automated business means that your customers are able to look at your products and buy them without you being involved in the transaction process at all. You literally generate profits in your sleep. The entire transaction takes place online and if there are shipping and handling involved, your employees do the job for you. If you are selling digital products or services, the work you have to do is even less.

The way this is accomplished is by having an online storefront that displays everything your business has to offer.  You will find that potential and current buyers will require less customer service if your product presentation online is as clear and accurate as possible. Your marketing message also needs to be convincing and it must discuss the most frequent concerns your customers may have. That way, clients’ objections get addressed before they even arise. Finally, you need to ensure that your shopping cat software is user-friendly and will allow for a smooth order processing that will deliver the money straight to your bank account.

Online businesses such as Amazon and eBay rely heavily on automaton. Their clients scan shop all day long from any place in the world that has Internet, allowing these companies to generate massive profits year after year. There are multiple businesses that follow the automatization model in one way or another. Not every business can be completely automated. This model is particularly useful to companies that only offer digital or information products. There is no limit on how many copies can be created, therefore the items are always in stock. Examples for information products include but are not limited to e-books, any type of online training, videos, games, consulting materials, etc.

An automated business may use a sales funnel that offers a very affordable product or service at the front end and then brings the customer through one or more pages of up-sells until the price is finalized at the end of the funnel. Some companies utilize more than one funnel, or they may have a funnel that brings different people to different offers depending on whether they said “yes” or “no” to the previous offer.  Sometimes a one-time-offer (OTO) is used to help evoke a sense of urgency and promote sales.

Up-selling can also be done without a funnel as is the case with Barnes & Noble or Amazon. These companies will show on the bottom of their browsers items that are somehow related to the products selected by the buyer. They also offer gift wrapping and fast shipping as up-selling strategies.

The whole idea with automation is that you as the business owner don’t have to go through the same process with each customer. Everything is prominently displayed on the webpage allowing the client to spend as much time as they need to read, look at pictures, and think about their purchase.  This process happens repeatedly as multiple consumers can browse your website at the same time. It takes much more time for you to have conversations with each potential client without a guarantee that they will even become a buyer. Online automation gives you tremendous leverage because your products and services are accessible to consumers all over the world!

When a business is just starting out, it may not have the necessary budget to integrate full automation of its services. If this is your case, the best approach is to automate the most time-consuming parts of your transaction process if possible and then gradually invest in more and more automation as you get profitable by acquiring more clients. The key is to use your clients’ money not only to cover your costs, but also to re-invest in your business to help it get leverage and serve more people for less time. Certain types of automation also increase customer satisfaction as it saves time to your clients as well.

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